Call for Paper

Call for Papers

International Conference on Power Engineering-2019 (ICOPE-2019)

Dianchi Garden Hotel & Spa

Kunming, China, October 21-25, 2019


Organized and Sponsored by the Chinese Society of Power Engineering (CSPE)

Co-organized and Co-sponsored by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Local Organizer:  Zhejiang University(ZJU)and Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST)



The International Conference on Power Engineering (ICOPE) was jointly sponsored and organized by the Chinese Society of Power Engineering (CSPE), the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ICOPE were hosted every two years by JSME, CSPE and ASME in rotation. Following conferences in Tokyo (1993 and 1997), Shanghai (1995), San Francisco (1999), Xi'an (2001), Kobe (2003 and 2009), Chicago (2005), Hangzhou (2007), Denver (2011), Wuhan (2013), Yokohama (2015), and Charlotte (2017), the ICOPE-2019 will be held in Kunming of China.

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for presenting, discussing, and promoting the international exchange of recent technological advances in power engineering and related areas. The conference will include plenary lectures, technical sessions and technical tour.


Requested Areas

1. Advanced Energy Systems (Distributed energy system, Cogeneration, Combined cycles, IGCC, IGFC, Coal based multi-generation, Energy storage, Heat pump systems, Organic Rankine Cycle, Waste heat recovery, Ground heat source utilization).

2. Fuel Utilization and chemical looping technologies (Fuel preparation, Pulverization, Combustion, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Chemical looping technologies).

3. Boilers (Boilers, Fluidized bed boilers, Advanced ultra-super critical boilers).

4. Turbines (Steam turbines, Gas turbines, Expanders, Vibration and mechanics, Aerodynamics, Ultra-super critical conditions).

5. Generators (Super-conducting generators, Water-cooled rotors).

6. Energy Conservation, Co-generation, Heat pump (Distributed power supply, Heat Pump, Demand response, Smart Grid, Micro Grid).

7. Components, Equipment and Auxiliaries (Heat exchangers, Condensers, Pumps, Water conditioning, Instrumentation, Piping, Valves).

8. Operation and Maintenance (Safety and security, Risk evaluation, Life extension, Availability, Monitoring and control, Experimental and measuring technique, Operation of ultra-super critical units, Auto-control of power system).

9. Environmental Protection (Emission control, Ash removal and utilization, Fine particle control, NOx and SO2 control, Heavy metals and mercury control, Ultra low emissions, Carbon capture, CO2 reduction, CCS, CCUS, Supercritical CO2 cycle, Acid rain).

10. Numerical Simulation, Modeling and CFD.

11. Nano Heat Transfer, Nano Fluid Flow, and Nano Materials.

12. New Materials for Energy Systems (High temperature materials, Composite materials, Super-alloys, Ceramics, Erosion, Corrosion).

13. Alternative Energy (Biomass, Solar power, Concentrated solar power systems, Tidal power, Geo-thermal, Wind power, Ocean, Hydrogen production and transport, Fuel cells, Nuclear power, Ground Heat Source Utilization, Waste to energy).

14. Energy Storage (Thermal energy storage system, Thermochemical energy storage system, Flow batteries, Hydrogen fuel cells energy storage system).

15. Economics (Construction, Economics and funding, Power plant projects, Strategies for energy supply and consumption, Energy saving).

16. Others (Power-related topics).


Conference Chairman


Prof. Mingjiang Ni (CSPE, Zhejiang University)

Prof. Hua Wang (Kunming University of Science and Technology)


Dr. Jun Inumaru (JSME)

Mr. Frank Michelle (ASME)

Prof. Wenhui Ma (Kunming University of Science and Technology)


Abstract Submission

Submissions are welcome by authors from any country. Authors are strongly requested to attend the Conference and to present their paper in oral sessions individually. Initial screening will be based on the abstracts. Authors willing to present their paper should submit 400 words abstracts in English, containing the following: title of paper, authors, affiliations and complete addresses (with the phone numbers and e-mail addresses), two to five representative keywords, and an abstract summarizing the objectives, main findings and results.

Abstracts should be submitted to:

China, USA and others:

Online submittal via: Submit Paper


By E-mail to:


Format your papers

        Download the Paper Format: Paper Template



December 31, 2018: Abstract submission due

January 31, 2019:  Notification of abstract acceptance

April 30, 2019: Full-length manuscript due

May 31, 2019: Notification of full-length manuscript acceptance

August 15, 2019: Early bird registration due



Participants are requested to register online in advance or on-site at the registration desk at the venue. All presenters are required to register in order to make a presentation.

Pre-registration Deadline (Early) August 15, 2019.


Brief Introduction of Kunming and KUST

Kunming is in the southwest border of China and is the capital of Yunnan Province. It has a history of more than 2,400 years and was the gateway of the ancient Silk Road to Thailand, Myanmar, India and other countries. Kunming is known as the Spring City of China, due to its mild weather all year. Today it is the political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan Province as well as the most popular tourist destination in southwest China.

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) is one of the top 100 universities in China, and the largest university as well as the only polytechnic university across Yunnan province. KUST has 3 campuses in Kunming City. With 27 faculties (schools/colleges) and 3,900 staff members, KUST is offering over 300 degree programs at Bachelor, Master and Doctor levels to around 40,000 full time on-campus students. The programs cover engineering, science, management, economics, medicine, law, arts, philosophy, agriculture and education.



Detailed information about the conference, including location, travel, accommodation, submission, proceedings, venues, registration, etc. can be found at the web page of the ICOPE-2019:



Fei Wang (ZJU), Email:

Yuexiang Zhu (CSPE), Email:

Fashe Li (KUST), Email:

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Important Dates

· December 31, 2018:

Abstract submission due


· January 31, 2019:

Notification of abstract acceptance


· April 30, 2019:    

  Extended to August 15, 2019

Full-length manuscript due


· August 15, 2019:

Early bird registration due


· August 30, 2019:  

Notification of full-length manuscript acceptance


Organizing Committee


Fashe Li (KUST)



Fei Wang (ZJU)



Yuexiang Zhu (CSPE)



Registration &Hotel Reservation


Donald Dan(Aconf)

+86 27 8830 3881


Financial issues & Invoice


Joey Zhou(Aconf)

+86 27 8887 5258



Fashe Li (KUST)